The Electro-Steam Hawk Series 30 KW Model is a portable, heavy-duty dry steam cleaner that features a 4.23-gallon boiler that provides 100-185 °C of dry steam vapor at 10-145 psi working pressure. Available as a 440V, 60 Hz AC three phase unit, the Hawk Series 30 KW Model produces steam from a cold start in approximately ten minutes.

The Hawk Series 30 KW Model produces high-temperature sanitizing steam strong enough to clean aluminum diamond floors and stainless steel storage tanks, and cleans without harmful toxic chemicals. It is fully adjustable from 10-145 psi working pressure, uses far less water than conventional cleaning methods, and comes with a complete kit of multiple attachments. 

The CE Certification on the Hawk Series 30 KW Model is your assurance that the unit is safe and legal to operate because it is compliant with CE Standards for Europe.


Boiler Capacity 16 liter/4.23 gal
Water Tank Capacity 25 liter/6.6 gal
Heat Up Time Approx. 10 minutes
Steam Production  46.9 kg/hr – 103.5 lbs/hr
Working Pressure 10-145 psi
Temperature at Tip 100 °C/212 °F
Boiler Temperature 185 °C/365 °F
Weight (crated) 125 kg/277 lbs.
Available Voltages -3ph 440V, 60 Hz AC