Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our steam generators. To learn more, send us an email or use the form on our contact page.

How safe is dry steam vapor technology?

Very safe. The internal temperature is 365°F, but the tip point of contact temperature 212°F. However, all models operate under low pressure (0-180 psi depending upon model) and are designed so that steam temperature 6” away from the nozzle tip feels cool to the touch. Each model also comes with multiple safety features and a variety of application tools designed to deliver the low steam pressure safely and quickly.

How does dry steam vapor technology work?

Use of Eagle Series Dry Steam Vapor Generators involves three separate but related elements that combine to ensure superior performance over traditional cleaning methods:

Heat:  All Eagle Series Models produce superheated,  saturated, culinary grade dry steam vapor that is held in the unit’s heating boiler at approximately 365 – 390ºF. This heat weakens the physical bond that adheres dirt and stains to different surfaces.

Moisture:  All Eagle Series Models convert water into 96% dry stem vapor – nature’s perfect solvent.

Agitation:  All Eagle Series Models clean using a variety of tools and accessories designed to provide agitation. This agitation loosens dirt and stains from a surface, where they are captured in the vapor moisture and easily wiped away.

How does dry steam vapor kill harmful bacteria and pathogens?

Heat in the form of dry steam vapor has been used for years by hospitals, doctors, dentists, etc. to sterilize surgical instruments and equipment. With the exception of the clostridium bacteria, which produce a heat resistant form called a spore, microbes are killed by heat. If food is heated to an internal temperature above 160ºF (78ºC) for even a few seconds, it is sufficient to kill  parasites, viruses and all other bacteria. Use of other cleaning or sanitizing methods such as bleaches and quaternary compounds are effective only if the surface to which they are applied is clean, i.e., free of organic compounds. Correspondingly, effectiveness of disinfectants such as these are measured by germ reduction based on exposure to temperature. Use of dry steam vapor makes it easier to clean, sanitize, and eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens as opposed to using disinfectants.

How economical is dry steam vapor technology?

Eagle Series Dry Steam Vapor Generators use only a small amount of water (quarts per hour vs. gallons of water per minute) to produce thousands of gallons of dry steam vapor. This dramatically reduces water consumption and water waste down the drain.